Advisory Opinion Statements

​​The KBN receives and reviews inquiries related to scope of practice of nurses.
​When multiple inquiries are received on the same practice matter, the Board may issue an AOS for wide dissemination.

  • AOSs are opinions of the Board as to what constitutes safe nursing practice providing guidance to nurses.

  • They do not have the force and effect of a statute or regulation.

​​​How is an AOS prepared?

​To develop an AOS, the KBN reviews the following items to gather current, relevant, and evidence based information on each matter:
  • ​​Previous related inquires;
  • Kentucky Nursing Law statues and regulations;
  • Existing AOSs;
  • Published Scope and Standards of Practice Statements by professional national nursing organizations;
  • Relevant information from state professional nursing organizations;
  • Educational preparation provided by Programs of Nursing to LPNs, RNs, and APRNs in Kentucky;
  • Information related to practice issues from nurses and other professional in relevant practice settings;
  • Literature published in current professional nursing journals;
  • Cross jurisdictional information from other state agencies in and outside of the Commonwealth;
  • Applicable opinions issued by the Kentucky Attorney General; and
  • Other related materials.

KBN Advisory Opinion Statements Index​

The index may be found at KBN Advisory Opinion Statements Index.

Who can I contact for practice related questions?

How can I request an advisory opinion?

To request an advisory opinion, please submit the following items to the KBN at least 45 days prior to a Practice Committee Meeting or APRN Advisory Council Meeting.

  • Submission of a completed Request for Advisory Opinion Form to include background materials.
  • A detailed written request for an advisory opinion related to a specific nursing practice;
  • Existing literature and/or evidence-based research related to the subject;
  • Information on Scope and Standards of Practice issued by the appropriate nationally recognized professional organization;
  • Position statements and opinions from professional organizations;
  • Information about necessary education or training; and
  • Description of “Scope of Practice Determination Guidelines” inadequacy to address issue.

How do I submit the advisory opinion request?