CE Providers

​​​​Pursuant to 201 KAR 20:220 the KBN approves and regulates nursing continuing education providers Current list of KBN approved CE Providers https://kbn.ky.gov/KBN%20Documents/ce.pdf​ Requirements to obtain and renew a KBN CE Providership

Who can be a KBN approved CE Provider?

A provider of continuing education may be any individual, organization, or entity approved by the KBN.

A potential provider should apply to the KBN for approval in accordance with regulatory requirements outlined in 201 KAR 20:220.

Do I need to become a KBN approved CE provider?

Nursing continuing education provider approval is required to offer continuing education.

The KBN accepts continuing education from providers approved by the KBN, and providers approved by another state board of nursing and those providers approved by one of the national nursing organizations listed in 201 KAR 20:220.

If you are planning on offering continuing education to Kentucky licensed nurses, and are not approved to provide nursing continuing education by another state board of nursing, or by one of the national nursing organizations listed in 201 KAR 20:220, then you will need to obtain approval from the Board.

How can I obtain initial approval as a CE provider?

An application for initial approval form must be completed and submitted with all required documentation, and a nonrefundable $400 application fee.

Initial providerInitial CE Provider Applications, Requirements, and Guidelines

The application process is completed online via EDVera. Once the application has been reviewed and a request for additional information is sent, the providership applicant has one year to correct and resubmit all required/requested items for approval.

After one year, the providership applicant must restart the process, including filing an initial application form for approval, submitting all required documentation, and the nonrefundable $400 application fee.

Please contact the Continuing Competency Coordinator at kbn.cecoordinator@ky.gov
for a link to complete the initial application online. Within the email request for an initial application, include: the name of the potential CE providership, name of the

CE nurse administrator, their email and phone contact information, provider type, and
the current CV of the CE nurse administrator which includes information on their BSN or higher degree and experience in adult education.

What requirements must be followed by a KBN CE Provider?

Continuing education providers must follow the requirements established in 201 KAR 20:220. providing continuing education that extends beyond the nurse's knowledge obtained in their pre-license program.

Guidelines for Current CE Providerships new link pdf Guidelines for Current CE Providerships

  • The provider must have a system for record maintenance, maintaining and retrieving accurate records of each continuing education offering, the providership as a whole, and verification of attendance, contact hours earned, and evaluation of the offering. All records must be maintained for at least five 5 years.
  • The KBN assigns a core provider number based on the type of providership. It must be included on all materials, documents for the providership along with the month and year of expiration of the providership. The providership should assign additional numbers to identify each offering for record keeping purposes.
  • Contact Hours – Calculation - Use the presentation schedule/agenda for the offering to calculate the contact hours. Divide the total number of minutes of engagement in learning activities by 50. Times for breaks, meals, registration, and any other non-learning activities should not be included within this calculation.
  • CE Providership Changes – Reporting Requirements CE providers must notify the KBN of any changes within the administration, such as the nurse administrator, mailing address, telephone number, email contact information within 30 days. Within EDvera, the user may complete the miscellaneous document (CE) to notify the KBN of the change. Changes to the CE nurse administrator or alternate notice must include the date of the change, the name of the nurse, their active license number, contact email address, and phone number, and a copy of their recent CV including information on their BSN or higher degree and experience in adult education must be included. If a qualified nurse is not available to serve in the capacity of the CE nurse administrator, the provider shall not offer any continuing education activity until a qualified CE nurse administrator is appointed.

When and how do I renew the KBN approved CE Providership?

KBN approves CE providers for 2 years, expiring on December 31 of year two.

Renewal applications, the required attachments, and the $100 renewal fee, must be submitted by September 30 of the year in which the providership expires.

Renewal applications will be available within EDvera in July of the year in which the providership


EDvera is the electronic platform used by the KBN for initial and renewal applications, document submission, and the management of CE providerships, as well as

other educational and training programs related to individuals licensed and/or credentialed by the KBN.

This system replaces any paper processes used in the past for CE providerships.

If you have additional questions related to CE Provider requirements please contact the Continuing Competency Coordinator at kbn.cecoordinator@ky.gov.

CE Broker

CE Broker is the official KBN CE tracking program. Licensees selected for a CE Audit are required to submit documentation of proof of compliance with CE requirements for a specific earning period. Nurses may use this service to electronically maintain CE documents outside of the audit as well.
CE Broker also offers accounts for CE providers. CE providers are not required to create an account. Information on CE Broker related to providers is available at https://www.cebroker.com/providers.