Mailing Address, Email Address, and Name Changes

  • ​​​​​​​​​Name and address changes will now be submitted through your Nurse Portal Account. The Kentucky Board of Nursing Nurse Portal works best on Windows desktop PC or laptop in Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Mobile devices ARE NOT supported (for example: phones, iPads, tablets)​.
  • We are asking ALL licensees, certification/credential holders, and applicants to log in to your Nurse Portal to verify your address, email and phone numbers.
    • ​If you currently hold or have ever held a SRNA Certification, LCPM License, or DT Credential, and have an address change, you will go to Other Applications and request the address change.
  • If you currently hold or have ever held an APRN, RN or LPN license, or a SANE Credential, please complete your address change under the Manage Profile located in the upper left corner of your Nurse Portal Dashboard.
    • You will also need to declare your primary state of residence and upload your legal residency documents for us to review.

Note: To be eligible for a Kentucky multistate license (RN/LPN), you must declare Kentucky as your primary state of residence and have your current legal residency documents in Kentucky.

  • Upload one of the following:
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • State-issued ID Card
    • REAL ID
    • Voter Registration
    • Vehicle Registration

  • Licensed Nurse Name Change​​ is located under “Other Applications” in your online Nurse Portal account. Complete the name change request, upload th​e required legal document and pay the $25 fee. Please allow 7-14 business days for processing.
    We will accept one of the following legal name change documents:
    • Social Security Card
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Petition for the Name Change Court Order
    • Divorce Decree WITH the legal name change statement
    • Passport
    • Real ID

  • ​If we need additional information, we will message you through your Nurse Portal Message Center.​
  • The $25 name change fee is still required during annual renewal.
  • ​If you are in a current application for Exam, Reinstatement or Endorsement, please send a message through your Nurse Portal Message Center with your attached name change legal document. There is no fee for a name change if you are in an active application.

For more detailed instructions, please see: