​​​​​​​This page provides a general overview and information to consider for prospective students considering attending a program of nursing in Kentucky. ​

General recommendation regarding choosing a program

​It is recommended that prospective students research the approval/accreditation status and credibility of any nursing program before enrolling in individual courses or the entire program of study.

Kentucky Programs of Nursing


​The Kentucky Board of Nursing only approves and regulates pre-licensure nursing education programs that originate in Kentucky. Information on all such vocational and professional nursing education programs that have received developmental, initial or full approval status can be found by searching the KBN document library for either of these file names or using the li​nks below:​

Programs should be contacted directly to find out what types of educational options are available. KBN cannot provide advice on which school(s) you should apply for or attend. 

RN to BSN Programs

Baccalaureate degree programs that do not result in licensure are not under the jurisdiction of KBN. These are programs in which Registered Nurses return to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree (BSN); the RNs are already licensed to practice as registered nurses.

By law, the KBN only has oversight of pre-licensure programs in Kentucky.​