​​​​​​​​​Mission Statement

The Kentucky Board of Nursing protects the public by development and enforcement of state laws governing the safe practice of nursing, nursing education, and credentialing. [Rev 5/2017]

Core Values

In order to protect the public, we are committed to:
Excellence – Excellence and quality by delivering consistent, effective, and efficient services
Integrity – Honesty, fairness, and objectivity in the development and enforcement of laws and regulations
Responsiveness – Taking initiative, communicating openly, and demonstrating care and concern in all endeavors
Collaboration – Working in a cooperative spirit while maintaining respect for all individuals


We aspire to:

  • Deliver benchmark-quality services in healthcare regulation.
  • Meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing healthcare environment.
  • Have an organizational environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and outstanding leadership.
  • Have a committed and appropriately compensated Board/staff who have exceptional knowledge and skills.
  • Achieve integration of regulatory efforts affecting the health of the public.
  • Have effective and efficient Board functions.


Goal I: Sound, defensible regulatory practice that protects the public

  • Increase public awareness and understanding of the role and purpose of the KBN
  • Continue enhancements for the disciplinary action and compliance monitoring processes
  • Continue to evaluate pre-licensure nursing education program requirements
  • Continue to evaluate issues related to the legal scope of licensed practical, registered and advanced registered nursing practice

Goal II: Efficient delivery of services that meets the needs of consumers and regulated entities in a fiscally responsible manner

  • Continue technological enhancements for licensure and credentialing processes
  • Use available technology to evaluate agency services
  • Ensure responsible fiscal management in order to fulfill agency mission

Goal III: Optimal use of technology that support agency services

  • Improve utilization of technology to support Board activities and services

Goal IV: Support an organizational culture consistent with Board mission, vision and values

  • Optimize ongoing orientation and development of Board members and staff to their role and the agency mission, structure and services
  • Ensure compliance with state government requirements for KBN organizational structure