CE Audit - CE Broker

​​​​​​​Every year the KBN selects nurses at random to provide proof of completion of continuing education competency requirements. KBN CE Audit notifications are sent via email from CE Broker in Nove​mber each year.

​​​​​​​If you are selected to participate in the CE Audit, follow the steps below to provide the necessary documentation that will demonstrate compliance with the CE requirements for the earning period. The earning period is the same as the renewal period, November 1 through October 31.

​​​​​​​The deadline to report and upload documentation for the CE Audit changes annually. The date of submission will be included in the CE Audit notice.

Compliance - CE Audit

All nurses selected for the CE Audit must create a Free B​asic CE Broker account.  Information regarding CE Broker and activation of or access to an account is available at CE Broker. Although CE Broker offers accounts with additional features for a fee, the only account necessary to report and upload proof of completion of CE requirements is the free basic account.

All required documents must be submitted within CE Broker for the CE Audit.

The following links provide information on annual continuing education requirements, documents to verify compliance, and how to report them within CE Broker.

Do Review

Report, and attach documentation of completion of CE requirements via CE Broker ensuring

  1. Each document provides all required information; and 
  2. Is reported and attached individually.

Do Not

  1. Submit duplicate copies of the same item; and
  2. Do not submit a list of courses or transcripts for continuing education. The KBN does not accept lists of courses, only valid completion certificates.

During the CE Audit, KBN staff will review all submissions for nurses selected for the audit.  If additional information is required an email will be sent at that time.

Unsure if you were selected for the CE Audit or Need Assistance with CE Broker?

To find out if you were selected for the CE Audit or if you have questions regarding a CE Broker account, uploads/attachments, errors, or the tracking system, please contact CE Broker experts at:

Additional information

CE Audit FAQs

Why was I selected for the CE Audit?

A random selection of nurses is generated by CE Broker every year following renewal.

What can I do if I cannot provide proof of completion of the CE requirements?

Nurses who did not complete their continuing education requirements or cannot provide proof of completion of continuing education, must complete the requirements immediately, and submit all required documentation to the KBN with a letter of explanation. If eligible, the nurse will receive a consent decree to sign and return with a civil penalty.

If the individual fails to respond or does not complete the required hours, the matter will be referred to the KBN Investigations Branch.