Frequently Asked Questions


What is NURSYS?​​​​​​​ is the licensure and disciplinary database fo​r the repository of the data provided directly from state boards of nursing. It provides online verification of licensure.

Is the KARE Program for five years?

Yes – The KARE Program is a minimum of five years.

Do I have to inform my employer of my participation?

Yes, if employed in a nursing position.

Do I have to submit to drug/alcohol testing the whole five years?

Yes, participation in KARE requires drug/alcohol testing through the third party vendor designated by the Board.

Do I have to stay in counseling the whole 5 years?

Not if you reach treatment goals and have been released by your treatment provider.

What if I relapse?

First, contact your Compliance Nurse Investigator. You will need to sign a cease practice agreement and notify your employer. You will also receive a Board order for a Substance Use Disorder evaluation that will need to be completed and recommendations met.

Will this be cleared from my record?

Unless you entered KARE through Agreed Order or Board Decision then yes, upon successful completion.

What if I am selected for a drug test and I cannot afford to test that day?

It will be considered a “no show” and is a violation of your KARE Agreement and considered noncompliance with the terms of your monitoring.

Can I complete the KARE Program early if I am compliant?

No - The Program is a minimum of five years.

Will this affect my multistate license?

While in monitoring you will have a Kentucky single state license in accordance with the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).​

Can I travel/take a vacation and can I be excused from drug testing during that time?

You are permitted to travel and will need to contact Compliance staff prior to travel and discuss drug testing expectations. In addition, you are required to locate collection sites in the area where you will be traveling within the United States.​

Does the Board have a list of employers that will hire nurses who are participating in the KARE Program?

The Board does not assist with job placement.

Will there be restrictions placed on my practice while in the KARE Program?

Yes - The Program may determine that certain practice restrictions are necessary to ensure safe practice. For example, a nurse may not have access to controlled substances for a period of time. The Program will review and allow you to modify your Agreement as you continue to be successful in your recovery. The Program’s objective is to return all nurses to safe practice.

Why can’t I drink alcohol while in monitoring?

Alcohol is also considered a drug of choice, even if not an original drug of choice for you. If you are participating in random drug testing, then you will be required to refrain from the use of alcohol and any non-prescribed mood-altering substances.​