​​​​​​​​​​​This page contains information on the following:​​

  • Information about filing a complaint regarding the conduct of a nurse, dialysis technician, or licensed certified professional midwife
  • Information about violations of law regarding nurses, dialysis technicians, and licensed certified professional midwives
  • Information regarding the investigation and disciplinary process
  • Information regarding the mandatory reporting of convictions
  • Information regarding reporting disciplinary action against any professional license/certification/credential in this state or any other state
  • Tools for Institutions who want to receive automated nurse licensure status updates by registering for an account at Nursys.com​ ​

Information About Filing a Complaint

Information About Violations

Violat​ions of law that fall within the purview of the KBN discipline process are listed in KRS 314, 201 KAR 20, and other applicable sections of federal and state law. Some of the more commonly investigated violations are located at

Investigation and Disciplinary Process

Visit the KBN Document Library to locate the following brochures using the below key words:

Mandatory Reporting of Convictions

KRS 314.109 requires any person under the jurisdiction of the board to

  • Report within ninety (90) days of entry of an order or judgment in writing the following
    • Any misdemeanor or felony criminal conviction
    • Traffic related misdemeanors should not be reported unless they involve operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Convictions for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol must be reported.
    • This applies to convictions obtained in Kentucky or in any other jurisdiction.
  • The person shall submit a certified or attested copy of the order and a letter of explanation.
  • Per KRS 314.011(21) conviction includes conditional discharge, a guilty plea pursuant to pretrial diversion, pleading no contest, nolo contender, or entered an Alford plea.

Mandatory Reporting of Disciplinary Actions Against Licenses, or Other Professional or Business License(s) Issued By Any Regulatory A​gency

KRS 314.108 requires any person under the jurisdiction of the Board to:

  • Notify the Board in writing within thirty (30) days of the entry of a final order that subjects any professional or business license to discipline; and
    • Submit a certified copy of the order and a letter of explanation.​
  • Applicants for licensure shall notify the board in writing of any professional or business license that has been surrendered or terminated under threat of disciplinary action, or is refused, suspended, or revoked, or if renewal is denied.
    • The person shall submit a certified copy of the order and a letter of explanation.
The link below provides guidance on how criminal convictions may impact prelicensure nursing students or students enrolled in DT programs, and applicants for licensure in Kentucky. In addition, an overview of the reporting and review processes of criminal conviction(s) and disciplinary action(s)​:​

Consequences of Criminal Convictions for Students and Licensure Applicants​

Learn more about the Possible Impact of Criminal Convictions Upon Admission into, and Completion of, Schools or Training Programs to Become a Nurse, Dialysis Technician, or Licensed Certified Professional Midwife

Reports Related to Investigation and Discipline are available at ​Nursys E-Notify​​​