Continuing Education Requirements

All nurses who renew their license are required to complete continuing education courses during the licensure/renewal period, from November 1 through October 31 each year.

Annual CE Requirements

Annual CE requirements, as well as the documents required for proof of completion and instructions on how to report and submit them via CE Broker, are provided in the links below.

Selecting CE

Continuing Education Providers approved or accepted by KBN

The KBN accepts continuing education from KBN approved CE providers and providers approved by other state boards of nursing or by one of the national nursing organizations listed in 201 KAR 20:220 Section 2(5)

KBN Approved CE Providers

Education that is not acceptable for Nursing Continuing Education

The following cannot be accepted for nursing continuing education:

  • Education completed before issuance of a license;
  • Activities that are designed to provide information related to the work setting;
  • On-the-job training or orientation;
  • BLS/CPR [basic cardiopulmonary life support] classes or certifications;
  • ACLS PALS certifications;
  • In-service education; and/or
  • Equipment demonstrations.

Continuing Education Records

Maintain all continuing education records for at least 5 years. All documents related to these courses including announcements, presentation schedules and completion certificates should be maintained in your own records. You will not need to send them to the Board unless selected for the CE Audit.

Nurses may use CE Broker to maintain CE records electronically. All nurses have access to a Free Basic Account with CE Broker. The only account necessary to store CE documents electronically and to comply with a CE Audit.

Additional information on CE Broker is available on the CE Broker Tracking and Reporting website page.

Annual continuing education records should not be submitted within the KBN Nurse Portal.

Completion certificates for CE must include the following information:

  • Nurse’ name;
  • Course title;
  • Date of completion;
  • Contact hours awarded;
  • Provider information; and
  • Who the provider is approved by to offer nursing CE.

One-Time Content Specific CE Requirements

Requirements for completion of continuing education in a particular subject or topic are based on the date of completion of a Kentucky Program of Nursing, or completion of a program of nursing outside of Kentucky.

These are one-time requirements, when required must be completed within 3 years of licensure, and once completed do not need to be retaken.

Additional information on content-specific CE in domestic violence, pediatric abusive head trauma, suicide prevention, and LPN infusion therapy is available at: