Licensure Renewal Requirements

For information related to Continuing Education requirements, Mandatory CE Courses and APRN Pharmacology CE's Required for Renewal, please review the information found on the CE/Competency page​.

When a License Will or Will Not Be Renewed

  • Clicking the "submit" button DOES NOT renew your license.
  • Renewal applications submitted after close of business on a Friday will not be reviewed or renewed until the next business day.
    • Applications received before midnight, Eastern Time, on October 31st MAY be eligible for renewal on the next business day.
  • A license that is not renewed before midnight, Eastern Time, on October 31st, will lapse, and the individual cannot practice as a nurse until the license is renewed.
  • When requested, letters of corrections, letters of explanation, certified court documents, and/or certified copies of Board orders, must be received before midnight, October 31st, or the renewal application will not be processed and the license must be reinstated.

    NOTE: If you answer "yes" in error to a disciplinary, criminal history question or military question in error you may fax correction documents to 502-429-3336.

What You Will Need To Renew

  • Last four digits of your social security number,
  • Your date of birth,
  • License number (s)
  • Payment method (credit/debit card or checking/savings account External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.)
  • Documentation upload 

Reporting Offenses

When required, the following documents must be received before October 31 or your license will lapse, and you must reinstate:

  • A letter of explanation
  • Certified copy of the disposition page of a felony and/or misdemeanor conviction
  • Board certified copies of actions taken by another professional board of licensure, other than KBN
  • Certified copies of documents from a national certifying organization

NOTE: If you answer "yes" in error to a disciplinary and/or criminal history question you may fax correction documents to 502-429-3336.​

Access the Renewal Application



NOTE: License cards are not issued when a license is renewed. You can change your name or renew in any order. Click on the link for more information on changing your name.

  • Click here to upload documents or locate past uploaded documents for 2020 renewal

APRNs: If KBN records reflect that your national certification has expired, you will be unable to renew. Fax a copy of current national certification to 502-429-3336 ​​(Lv​l) ONLY if KBN records reflect expired national certification.

 Click here to Validate that a license has been renewed.

APRN Relinquishment

To relinquish your APRN license and renew only your RN license, click on Renew an RN license and relinquish an APRN license.

Using a newly designed drop-down selection menu, you will be able to select from the following:

  • Renew your RN license and relinquish your APRN license
  • Renew your RN and APRN licenses

APRN's licensed in two designations will also have the options listed above, as well as:

  • Renew your RN license and APRN licenses in designation #1 and designation #2
  • Renew your RN license and APRN license in designation #1
  • Renew your RN license and APRN license in designation #2

NOTE: If you relinquish your APRN license, you will be unable to practice as an APRN in Kentucky.

Renewal Notification

If KBN has your current, valid email address, you will receive a notification:

  • Before renewal period begins
  • Two weeks before renewal ends, if you have not renewed
  • When your license has been renewed

To receive KBN emails, add to your email address book.


Active Military

KRS 36.450 and KRS 12.355 require KBN to renew the license, without the required renewal fee and continuing competency requirement, of an active duty military licensee who provides one of the following:

  • PCS orders
  • AF Form 899
  • DD 214
  • Mobilization orders

Copies of the above may be faxed to 502-429-3336 (Lvl). Upon receipt of the required document, your license may be renewed through the next licensure period.


A renewal application must be submitted.


If you are active duty military AND will be deployed overseas during the renewal period, you have two options:


1. Submit a copy of the official overseas deployment orders showing a return date to KBN. Your license will be renewed to reflect an expiration date through the renewal period that corresponds with your deployment orders. You will not be required to pay the renewal fee, and you will be exempt from meeting the continuing competency requirement. You are not required to submit a fee, and you are exempt from meeting the continuing competency requirement.

2. Do nothing until you are reassigned to the USA. You will have 90 days after your return to request the renewal of your license. You must submit a copy of the orders you receive for your reassignment to the United States. You will not be required to pay the renewal fee, and you will be exempt from meeting the continuing competency requirement.


NOTE: If you answer "yes" in error to the military question you may fax the correction letter to 502-429-3336.

Paper Renewal Application Request

NOTE: Requests for paper renewals will not be accepted until September 15th.

Complete a paper application request form, return to KBN with a check or money order in the amount of $40.
The $40 paper application fee is IN ADDITION TO the renewal fee.

After KBN receives the request form and the $40 fee, you will be mailed a renewal application.

Allow 2 weeks for a paper application to be reviewed and a license renewed.