​​​​Advisory Opinion Statements (AOS)

What is an AOS?

The KBN receives and reviews inquiries related to scope of practice of nurses.

When multiple inquiries are received on the same practice matter, the Board may issue an AOS for wide dissemination.

  • AOSs are opinions of the Board as to what constitutes safe nursing practice providing guidance to nurses.
  • They do not have the force and effect of a statute or regulation.
How is an AOS prepared?
To develop an AOS, the KBN reviews the following items to gather current, relevant, and evidence based information on each matter:
  • ​​Previous related inquires;
  • Kentucky Nursing Law statues and regulations;
  • Existing AOSs;
  • Published Scope and Standards of Practice Statements by professional national nursing organizations;
  • Relevant information from state professional nursing organizations;
  • Educational preparation provided by Programs of Nursing to LPNs, RNs, and APRNs in Kentucky;
  • Information related to practice issues from nurses and other professional in relevant practice settings;
  • Literature published in current professional nursing journals;
  • Cross jurisdictional information from other state agencies in and outside of the Commonwealth;
  • Applicable opinions issued by the Kentucky Attorney General; and
  • Other related materials.

KBN Advisory Opinion Statements Index

The index may be found at KBN Advisory Opinion Statements Index.

Who can I contact for practice related questions?

How can I request an advisory opinion?

To request an advisory opinion, please submit the following items to the KBN at least 45 days prior to a Practice Committee Meeting or APRN Advisory Council Meeting.

  • Submission of a completed Request for Advisory Opinion Form to include background materials. (The Request for Advisory Opinion Form may be found in the Document Library);
  • A detailed written request for an advisory opinion related to a specific nursing practice;
  • Existing literature and/or evidence-based research related to the subject;
  • Information on Scope and Standards of Practice issued by the appropriate nationally recognized professional organization;
  • Position statements and opinions from professional organizations;
  • Information about necessary education or training; and
  • Description of “Scope of Practice Determination Guidelines” inadequacy to address issue.

How do I submit the advisory opinion request?

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