Nursing Leadership Programs


Nursing Leadership Program

The Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) provides virtual Nursing Leadership Program presentations. The Nursing Leadership Program provides an overview of the Kentucky Nursing Laws and the KBN as a regulatory agency, addressing the Boards role, mission, programs, and current activities. 


The Nurse Leadership Program is offered four (4) times annually and in two (2) separate formats.  Each is specifically designed for the participants’ needs, one for nursing students in their last semester or quarter of a nursing program, and one for current nurses.* 

Nurse Leadership Program - Student Presentation  

The NLP Student Presentation has been designed for students in their last semester of quarter of a nursing program as they are preparing to enter the workforce. 

Upon conclusion of the presentation, student participants will:   

  • Understand the process to obtain licensure and register to take the NCLEX;

  • Understand the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s role as a regulatory agency;

  • Discuss the complaint and disciplinary process; and

  • Discuss the Kentucky Alternate Recovery Effort (KARE) for Nurses.

In order to attend programs of nursing should Michelle Gary, Practice Assistant and CE Competency Coordinator via email at  The name of the school, the contact person and their email address and phone number as well as the number of students that will be attending. There is no charge for this presentation.  There is a limit of 500 individuals who may attend virtually.  Once the limit has been reached, no additional registrations will be accepted.


*Information on the NLP for Current Nurses will be added to this webpage at a later date.