KBN Advisory Opinion Statements


In 1983, KBN began publishing advisory opinion statements on various nursing practice issues.   These statements are issued as guideposts to licensees who wish to engage in safe nursing practice.   To view the list of published statements, go to:

When studying practice issues, KBN reviews and considers applicable standards of practice statements published by professional nursing organizations; the educational preparation of both RNs and LPNs as provided in the prelicensure nursing education programs in Kentucky; and, when applicable, the organized post-basic educational programs for APRNs.  KBN also gathers information regarding practice issues from nurses in relevant practice settings (including staff nurses, supervisors, nurse faculty members, etc.) ​and/or representatives from state nursing associations, among others.  Further, the Board reviews applicable opinions issued by the Office of the Attorney General.  When multiple inquiries are received on the same practice matter, the Board publishes an advisory opinion statement for wide dissemination.  

An opinion statement is an advisory opinion of the Board as to what constitutes safe nursing practice; it is not a regulation of the Board and therefore does not have the force and effect of law.


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