How to Request an Advisory Opinion


The Kentucky Board of Nursing is granted authority to issue advisory opinions related to nursing practice issues by KRS 314.131(2).  In order for there to be sufficient time to assure the opinions issued are focused on safety and protection of the citizens of the Commonwealth, the following will need to be submitted to the Nursing Practice Consultant or the APRN Practice Consultant forty-five (45) days prior to a Practice Committee or an APRN Council meeting:

  1. A written request for an advisory opinion related to a specific nursing practice
  2. Existing literature and/or evidence-based research related to the subject
  3. Information on Scope and Standards of Practice issued by the appropriate nationally recognized professional organization
  4. Position statements and opinions of professional groups
  5. Information about necessary education or training
  6. Description of “Scope of Practice Determination Guidelines” inadequacy to address issue
  7. Completion of the Request for Advisory Opinion Form to include background materials.

For LPN/RN related questions, please contact Practice Consultant at 502-429-3320 or  For APRN related questions, please contact Myra Goldman, MSN, APRN, APRN Education & Nursing Practice Consultant at 502-429-3315 or  

This does not preclude calls or e-mails to the Nursing Practice Consultants.  The use of the above is for those questions which have not been previously addressed or for request to review a previous advisory opinion. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​