Prelicensure Program Application Process

According to KRS 314.111, an institution desiring to conduct a program of nursing shall apply to the Board and submit evidence that it is prepared to carry out the minimum approved basic curriculum in nursing and that it is prepared to fulfill other requirements or standards which are established by the Board.

No person shall operate a nursing education program or school of nursing without complying with the provisions established by the Board of Nursing. Without state Board of Nursing approval, graduates of a program are not eligible to take the national licensing examination.

What is the application process?

The application process consists of three phases: Letter of Intent, Proposal, and Developmental Status.

Letter of Intent is the first step to establish the intent to conduct a nursing program and acquaint the board with information about the requesting institution and evidence that there is a need and support for the program in the designated community.

If the Board accepts the Letter of Intent, the institution moves into the Proposal phase where more concrete information is provided to assure the Board of the capacity to open and sustain a quality educational program.

Developmental status permits the institution to begin to implement the program by advertising and recruiting students. By regulation a program must admit a class within 18 months of receiving Developmental status or the Board may withdraw approval.

Forms and materials required of a prospective program

For more information on the application process and required materials, please see below:

Questions should be addressed to the Education Consultant, Myra Goldman at (502) 429-3315 or via e-mail.

Multiple Campuses

Prelicensure programs in good standing in Kentucky may request permission from the Board to open another Program of Nursing Campus.

For more information contact the Education Assistant, Michelle Gary, at (502) 429-3333 or via e-mail.​​​​​​