Transferring Credits Among Colleges/Universities

If you have ever taken any college course, you will want to know if courses taken at one college will transfer to another college. The Council on Postsecondary Education and the state's public colleges and universities launched a web site-- provide students with one site to determine if courses taken at a Kentucky Community and Technical College program will transfer to another state college/university. If the college you are interested in is not listed, look at their website to see if they have information related to transfer credits OR call the college and ask to speak to someone in Admissions.

CAUTION: Accepting of credits by a college/university does not mean that the course will meet a program's requirements for graduation. If your goal is to move as quickly to graduation as possible, strong advising by a qualified faculty member is essential so that a student does not attend classes that are not required for graduation and are considered "extra." Often general education requirements differ between colleges and what may be considered recognized at one college will not count for another. Always ask for a copy of the program of study for the major and compare it against courses that you have already taken. Be prepared to state your case if turned down for posting of credits to those required. If you have saved your course syllabi or have a copy of the course description from the college catalog, this information is helpful when the registrar is considering acceptance of credits.