Nursing Schools in Kentucky


This page will provide summaries of the different entries into the nursing program available in Kentucky.  If you are not sure which program is best for you, refer to the Types of Nursing Programs page.

If you are already a nurse, lists are provided below that will assist you in locating educational programs beyond the initial graduation from nursing school.

Programs of Nursing By Location

For a list of nursing programs by county, please refer to our PDF: Nursing Programs by County.pdfNursing Programs by County.pdf.

For a breakdown of nursing programs by region and county, click here.

For a breakdown of nursing programs by city, click here.

Kentucky Entry Level Nursing Programs

Nursing Education Beyond the Entry Level

Out-of-State Programs

The Kentucky Board of Nursing (KBN) does not approve/accredit nursing education programs that are located outside of Kentucky.  KBN only approves and regulates nursing education programs within the state.

Kentucky does recognize graduates from prelicensure nursing education programs that are approved/accredited by other state boards of nursing as eligible to apply to take the NCLEX examination and apply for licensure in Kentucky.  An example of such a program is Excelsior College.  Excelsior College is approved by the New York State Board of Nursing and graduates from that program may apply to take the NCLEX-RN Examination in Kentucky.

Out-of-state nursing education programs should be contacted directly for information and to determine the program's approval/accreditation status in their state of origin.

NCLEX Pass Rates by Nursing Program

One step to becoming licensed to practice nursing within the state of Kentucky is to pass the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX®).

When examining the report, recognize that pass rate is just one measure of the quality of a nursing program and should not be used as the only criteria in selecting a program of nursing. 


Applying to a Nursing School

AACN Launches National Centralized Application Service for Nursing Students

A Warning for Excelsior College Students

Excelsior test preparation materials sold by for-profit vendors/ publishers, some who do not identify themselves as publishing companies, do not have the authority to enroll the student in Excelsior College.  Excelsior College has advised that it provides more appropriate and helpful materials, prepared by the faculty that develops the examinations, to enrolled students at no extra cost.


Prospective students of Excelsior College should contact the college directly at a toll-free number, 1-888-647-2388, for information about Excelsior Examinations or an Excelsior College nursing degree.


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