Service Details: Premium License Validation

The Kentucky Board of Nursing offers three different levels of credential validation services for your convenience.  Please choose the level of service that works best for you.

Level 3: Premium License Validation

In addition to those services provided to our Basic and Enhanced users, you may also:
  • Store an unlimited number of credentials in multiple custom created lists.
  • Validate up to 650 credentials per list.
  • Upload a delimited text file of license and permit numbers to create new lists.
  • Premium License Validation Service Fees:
    • Premium Credential Validation requires a subscription to  Please obtain your subscription account before accessing this service, as you will be asked to sign in using your username and password.  If you have questions about subscribing, contact at 502-875-3733. The annual subscription fee is $75 and entitles you to access other services as well.
    • Validation costs $0.10 per license or permit validation request. You will be billed for your license validations on a monthly basis.
    • There is an annual $300 premium service fee for the premium version of this application.

    If you are already a subscriber, you may access the Premium License Validation service here.