Out-of-State & Online Nursing Programs


KBN DOES recognize graduates from prelicensure nursing education programs that are approved/accredited by other state boards of nursing as eligible for licensure in Kentucky.  An example of such a program is Excelsior College.  The New York State Board of Nursing approves Excelsior College.  Because of this approval, graduates from Excelsior College are eligible to seek licensure within Kentucky.

KBN DOES NOT approve out-of-state nursing education programs.  KBN only approves and regulates prelicensure nursing education programs that originate within Kentucky.

Out-of-state nursing education programs should be contacted directly for information and/or specific questions about the program and the program's approval/accreditation status.

RN to BSN Program Approval

By law, any prelicensure nursing education programs in Kentucky are required to seek approval from KBN.  Nursing education programs offering baccalaureate nursing courses to registered nurses are NOT under the jurisdiction of KBN.  Since RNs returning to school to obtain a BSN are already licensed to practice as registered nurses, KBN has no jurisdiction over this education.

Kentucky Approved Schools of Nursing

Listings of all vocational and professional nursing education programs approved by KBN are available on this website (see ...more info).  The contact information for each program is included in the lists.  Some may offer online courses as educational options when completing the nursing education program.  The programs should be contacted directly to find out what types of educational options are available.


It is recommended that individuals research the approval/accreditation status and credibility of any nursing program before enrolling in individual courses or the entire program of study.​​