FAQ: DT Fingerprint Card

Effective January 10, 2011, fingerprints are required of all applicants for credentialing.  Your application will not be processed until a completed fingerprint card and the $13.25 fee is received by the Kentucky State Police.

FAQ: Fingerprint Cards​

Q:  Who must submit a fingerprint card?
A:  All applicants for DT credentialing are required to submit fingerprints.

Q:  How do I get a fingerprint card?
A:   Use the Dialysis Technician Contact Form to have a fingerprint card mailed to you.  If the agency doing your fingerprinting has fingerprint cards that do not have an ORI number, employer address, or reason for fingerprinting listed on the card, you may submit that card.  If you decide to use another agency's fingerprinting card, make sure that the card number on the back is FD-258.

Q: Are digital fingerprints acceptable?

A:  Yes.  Digital fingerprints are acceptable if fingerprints are transferred to either the KBN fingerprint card or an FD-258 fingerprint card and ORI number KY920170Z is placed on the card.

Q:  What is the cost for fingerprinting?
A:  There is a $13.25 fingerprinting processing fee for the FBI to conduct the fingerprint search.  Make your check or money order payable to the Kentucky State Police and return the check with your completed fingerprint card.  Mail to Kentucky State Police, Records Branch, 1266 Louisville Rd, Frankfort KY 40601.

Q:  What information must I complete on the fingerprint card?
A:  You must complete all the biographical data on the top of the card.  You and the person taking the fingerprints must sign the card or it will be returned to you for completion.

Q:  Where do I get my fingerprints taken?
A:  Most law enforcement agencies will do the fingerprinting process.  The following link provides a List of Sheriff and Police Departments by state/county. External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Q:  What if my fingerprints are a low quality?
A:  If the FBI cannot read your fingerprints, a fingerprint card will be sent to you.  Have the fingerprinting process done again.  Do not submit another $13.25 when returning the second fingerprint card to KBN. 

Q:  Can I receive a credential before the fingerprint report is received?
A:  No, KBN must have the criminal history report returned from the FBI before you can be credential as a dialysis technician in Kentucky.

Q:  How long does it take for KBN to receive the fingerprint report from the FBI?
A:  It takes 4-8 weeks for the FBI to send a criminal history report to KBN.  Please consider this time frame when applying for a Kentucky dialysis technician credential. ​​​​​​​