Dialysis Technician Credential

In 2001, the Kentucky General Assembly passed House Bill 184 establishing authority for the Kentucky Board of Nursing to regulate dialysis technician practice, training, and credentialing.  A Dialysis Technician Advisory Council was established to help facilitate the program.

Dialysis Technician Forms

Forms and additional information related to dialysis technician credentialing are provided below.

For a current list of KBN fees, refer to Fees for Licensure and Registration Applications and Services [PDF Format - 18KB].

Validation of Dialysis Technician Credential

To validate a Dialysis Technician credential, please access the automated validation system. You may search by 7-digit Dialysis Technician credential number, or search by name.

Dialysis FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions concerning dialysis technician credentialing in Kentucky.


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201 KAR 20:470
Dialysis Technician Credentialing Requirements and Training Program Standards

Online DT Address Change
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DT Advisory Council 

National Certification Exam

National Certification Information

Note: KBN does not require Kentucky Dialysis Technicians to be nationally certified, national certification is mandated by Federal Regulations. However, this mandate is in addition to your KY state credential. Please direct all questions directly to a specific national certification program.

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