​​On this page you will find:
  • Legal opinions
  • The laws and regulations applicable to nurses, dialysis technicians, and licensed certified professional midwives in Kentucky
  • Material incorporated by reference in regulations promulgated by KBN
  • Pending regulations approved by KBN for proposed promulgation
  • Information about administrative hearings
  • How to make an open records request
  • How to request bulk licensee data

Legal Opinions

Laws and Regulations Applicable to Nurses, Dialysis Technicians, and Licensed Certified Professional Midwives

Material Incorporated by Reference in KBN Regulations
Proposed KBN Regulations that have been filed but are not yet final

Information about Administrative Hearings

Open Records Requests

  • Residents of the Commonweath, as defined by KRS 61.872(1), may submit open records requests to:
    • Kentucky Board of Nursing, Records Custodian​
      312 Whittington Parkway, Suite 300
      Louisville, KY 40222
      ​​Fax: (502) 420-1542
      Email: ​KBN.ORR@ky.gov

    • Residents of the Commonwealth may submit open records requests on the form provided on the website of the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General

License Validation and Bulk Licensee Data Requests


Frequently Asked Questions