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CE REQUIREMENT: Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (“Shaken Baby Syndrome”): More Information
Graduates of a Kentucky Program of Nursing on or after December 2011 had this course included in their college curriculum.


Some of the CE/competency requirements include content-specific courses, such as domestic violence, pharmacology, etc.  The requirements for these courses are listed here, as well as information about  college credit courses. 

CE providers offer these courses via the Internet, home study, and lecture classes.  Periodically providerships may find it necessary to add or delete courses from their schedule.  KBN makes every effort to keep this information current.  However, if you have a question about the course offerings, please contact the provider directly.  A list of providers, including the contact information, is available below.

Please use the CE Contact Form if you have a question about any of the CE requirements.

Domestic Violence CE

Nurses seeking reinstatement, licensure by endorsement from another state, and examination candidates educated outside of Kentucky must earn three contact hours of KBN-approved domestic violence CE within three years of licensure into Kentucky. Graduates of a Kentucky Program of Nursing on or after May 1998 had this course included in their college curriculum. This is a one-time requirement.  Do not submit a copy to KBN unless requested to do so

Any approved CE provider may offer the mandatory domestic violence course provided that, as a minimum, the model curriculum approved by the Domestic Violence Training Committee of the Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence is used.

...see KBN-Approved Providers for Domestic Violence CE [PDF Format - 19KB]

IV Therapy CE

Effective September 15, 2004 (and revised September 1, 2006), KBN approved the Kentucky Administrative Regulation, 201 KAR 20:490, governing licensed practical nurse intravenous (IV) therapy scope of practice.  This regulation expands the scope of licensed practical nursing practice in the area of intravenous therapy practice.

The regulation identifies IV therapy functions that are recognized as being within the current scope of licensed practical nursing practice, as well as identifies functions that will be an expansion of that practice. 

An LPN who has met the education and training requirements may perform select functions except as limited and under supervision as stated in the regulation.  The regulation requires that the education and training of LPNs who perform IV therapy contain specific components.  For questions concerning this regulation, contact the Nursing Practice Consultant, at 502-429-7181 or 800-305-2042, ext. 7181 or send a message using the Practice Contact Form.

...see KBN-Approved Providers for IV Therapy CE [PDF Format - 16KB]

APRN Pharmacology CE

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are required to earn five contact hours of approved CE in pharmacology each licensure period.  These hours count as part of the CE requirement for the period in which they are earned. APRNs with a CAPA-CS are required to earn 1.5 approved CE contact hours on the use of KASPER, pain management, or addiction disorders.  These hours may count as part of the required pharmacology hours.

Effective March 14, 2008, KBN Administrative Regulation 201 KAR 20:220 was amended to reflect the following information:

Pharmacology continuing education hours earned from a provider that is recognized by an organization from the list of approved National Nursing Organizations will be acceptable to meet the APRN pharmacology requirement of KBN Administrative Regulation 201 KAR 20:215.

Note:  The responsibility of contacting the certification body for an up-to-date list of recognized providers lies with the APRN.

...see KBN-Approved Providers for Pharmacology CE [PDF Format - 11KB]

...see KBN-Approved Providers of KASPER System CE [PDF Format - 11KB]

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner CE

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) credentialed nurses must earn five contact hours of approved sexual assault CE each licensure period. Forensic medicine or domestic violence CE will meet this requirement. These hours count as part of the CE requirement for the period in which they are earned.

...see KBN-Approved Providers for SANE CE [PDF Format - 4KB]

You may also refer to the list of Online Resources for SANE CE.

Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma CE

The requirement for nurses is a one-time continuing education course of at least 1.5 hours covering the recognition and prevention of pediatric abusive head trauma pursuant to Kentucky Nursing Laws (KRS 314).  Nurses have three years from the date of licensure to complete the course.  

In 2010, the General Assembly passed House Bill 285, sponsored by Rep. Addia Wuchner. This bill requires various groups to complete a course in Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma, also known as "Shaken Baby Syndrome."

The course will be accepted if offered by a KBN-approved CE provider, a provider approved by one of the national nursing organizations recognized by KBN for CE, or a provider approved by another state board of nursing. It is not necessary for nurses to submit proof of completion unless audited. 

...see KBN-Approved Providers for Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma CE [PDF Format - 9KB]

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