Voluntary Relinquishment of a License or Credential

When a license is relinquished: 

  • The license will expire/lapse
  • You cannot practice in a licensed position on a lapsed license
  • A lapsed license may be reinstated at any time
  • There is no disciplinary action associated with a lapsed license
  • You may relinquish at any time, or choose not to renew the license

A license cannot be relinquished if you are:

  • Currently under investigation by KBN, or
  • Subject to disciplinary action by any professional licensing board

RN or LPN Relinquishment

APRN Relinquishment

To relinquish both a RN and APRN license

To relinquish an APRN license only

NOTE:  During the renewal period, contact the APRN Program Coordinator if you do not want to renew the APRN license but do want to renew your RN license.