Provisional License

A provisional license is:

  • Issued within 14 days of meeting all Application Requirements.
  • Valid for a period of six months from the date of issue.
  • Invalidated upon unsuccessful completion of NCLEX (Apply to Retake).
    • Must immediately cease practicing in a licensed nursing position.
  • Do NOT begin employment as an RNA or LPNA until you have been issued a provisional license by KBN.

Provisional License Validation

Practice on a Provisional License

Practice based on a provisional license requires the following: 

  • Supervision requirements
    • Direct supervision - means that the nurse responsible for the applicant shall at all times be physically present in the facility and immediately available to the applicant during working hours while the applicant holds a provisional license. [201 KAR 20:070 Section 4 (3)]​
      • RNA - Direct supervision by a RN or APRN.
      • LPNA - Direct supervision by a LPN, RN or APRN.
  • Nursing Practice
    • Performing direct patient care utilizing critical thinking and knowledge, and skill.
  • Practice Setting
  • Use of the title: 
    • RN Applicant - RNA [KRS 314.041]
    • Licensed Practical Nurse Applicant - LPNA [KRS 314.051]
    • Practice under direct supervision until full licensure is issued.

      Employment Requirements

      Validate that a provisional license or a full license has been issued and the expiration date.