Additional Licensure Support

KBN does not issue license cards. Newly licensed nurses will receive an email notification that includes their license number and expiration date.


NOTICE:  All applicants for RN and LPN licensure by endorsement, examination, and reinstatement of a Kentucky license that has been lapsed for one year or more are required to pass a jurisprudence examination. 

Click on a link below to access:

APRN Collaborative Agreement Forms

NOTE:  When submitting the Notification of a CAPA-CS form to KBN you must provide a copy of your DEA license when received.   

Application Status

Address/Email/Name Change - RN, LPN, APRN, SANE

Address/Email/Name Change - State Registered Nurse Aides

Jurisprudence Examination

Certificates for Framing

Retiring a License

Voluntary Relinquishment of a License or Credential

How to Obtain State and Federal Background Checks

How to Report Misdemeanors and/or Felonies

Click here for more information on reporting criminal convictions.

How to Verify a Kentucky Nursing License to another State Board of Nursing

How to Verify a Kentucky Nursing License to an entity other than a Board of Nursing