FAQ: Temporary Permit (TP)

Kentucky may issue a one-time only Temporary Permit (TP) to endorsement applicants when certain regulatory requirements are met.  A TP allows the applicant to practice nursing in Kentucky while awaiting a permanent Kentucky nursing license.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWho is eligible for a temporary permit (TP)?
A:  Applicants for licensure by endorsement who have been licensed by another state's board of nursing are eligible for a TP.

Q:  What are the requirements to receive a TP?
  A Temporary Permit will be issued when the following information is received:

Q:  When does a TP expire?
  A TP is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.  It cannot be extended, and you may only be issued a TP one time.

Q:  How does a TP affect my ability to practice nursing?
  You may practice within the full scope and practice of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse with a TP.

Q:  When will I be issued a permanent license?
  Within 14 days of receipt of ALL the following, a license will be issued:

  • A completed application and fee of $165.00
  • Fingerprint card report from KSP of $13.25 (please allow 2-3 weeks for processing)
  • Validation or original licensure from your state of original licensure or NurSys External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.
  • Kentucky State Background Check through​ the Administrative Office of the Courts $27.00
  • Completion of the Kentucky Jurisprudence exam $15.00 

Q:  What happens if my TP expires and I am not licensed by KBN?
  If your TP expires and you do not hold a Kentucky nursing license, you must reapply to Kentucky for a license, pay the application
      fee, and cease working as a nurse in Kentucky until all requirements are met and your permanent license is issued.

  • The TP CANNOT be extended, and you CANNOT be issued a second TP.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to assure that all requirements are met before your TP expires.

Q:  Can my employer validate that I have a TP?
  Primary source validation of a TP can be done by you or your employer from the KBN website at no cost. 

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