Apply for a License

KBN does not issue license cards. Newly licensed nurses will receive an email notification that includes their license number and expiration date.

NOTICE:  All applicants for RN and LPN licensure by endorsement, examination, and reinstatement of a Kentucky license that has been lapsed for one year or more are required to pass a jurisprudence examination.

Conviction Reporting: ALL convictions EVER received (other than some traffic violations) must be reported on the application.  To determine if documentation of convictions is required, and information on DUI reporting refer to the section for reporting criminal history.   

Click on a link below to access information and applications for: 

RN and LPN Licensure

APRN Licensure

RN and APRN licensure information

SANE Credential Applications

Foreign Educated Nurse Licensure

Retiring a License

Voluntary Relinquishment of a License or Credential