Address/Email/Name Change

Licensed Nurse Address and Email Change

Update your RN, LPN, APRN with KY RN or SANE with KY RN address and/or email address online.

Update your APRN with compact RN or SANE Credential with compact RN address and/or email address online.

Update your SRNA address online.

  • Information in KBN database is updated immediately
  • You must declare your primary state of residence
  • Do not use special characters, such as commas, periods, hyphens, slash marks, etc.

Update your address and/or email address via paper request [PDF Format - 87KB].

  • Complete all sections or the form will be returned to you
  • It may take up to 14 days for KBN records to be updated

For security reasons, KBN will not accept email or telephone requests to change an address.

Contact the licensure specialist if you have questions. 

Licensed Nurse Name Change

Complete the name change request form [PDF Format - 89KB] and send to KBN with:

  • A check or money order in the amount of $25  
  • A copy of one of the required legal name change documents:
    • Marriage certificate 
    • Divorce decree showing the legal name change
    • Court order
    • Social security card

During the renewal period, a name change can be submitted before or after a license is renewed, but the fee of $25.00 is still required. 

NOTE:  If you have submitted an application for licensure by endorsement, examination or reinstatement and have not been issued a KY nursing license at the time you are requesting a name change, you DO NOT have to pay the $25 fee.  You are required to complete the name change request form [PDF Format - 92KB] and fax it with the required documents to 502-429-3336. 

License cards are no longer being issued to Kentucky licensees. 

Licensure information may be viewed and printed from the KBN web validation site at no cost. 

State Registered Nurse Aides

Address and Name changes:

  • May be completed online through the KBN secure network or
  • Complete the paper request [PDF Format - 47KB] and return to the address on the form.