Temporary Permit (TP)

Kentucky may issue a one-time only Temporary Permit (TP) to endorsement applicants when regulatory requirements are met.  A TP allows the applicant to practice nursing in Kentucky while awaiting a permanent Kentucky nursing license.

Temporary Permit (TP) to practice as an RN/LPN

KBN will issue a Temporary Permit (TP) after receiving and reviewing the following:

  • A completed application and fee of $165.00.
  • Kentucky Criminal Background Report
  • Federal Background Report
  • An official transcript with degree and graduation date posted, if you completed a program of nursing in and/or were originally licensed in California.
  • Complete the Kentucky Jurisprudence Exam
         ◦ Click on Application Status to access the link to the exam after you apply with KBN
         ◦ Go to Jurisprudence Examination for more information on the exam
  • Verification of Licensure from your original board of nursing for all new graduates and CA nurses before a temporary permit will be issued. 

    Temporary Permit Requires No Supervision 

 Temporary Permit FAQs