Reinstatement for Failure to Renew

If you failed to renew between September 15 and October 31 of the current year, you must meet all of the reinstatement requirements. 

There is no grace period for renewal of a Kentucky nursing license.

If you were exempt from meeting the continuing competency, you must earn the CE before your license will be reinstated. 

NOTE:  If you will be reinstating both an RN & APRN license you must use the link for RN and APRN licensure application.  Additional instructions are listed below. 

RN and LPN Requirements

Click here for additional reinstatement information.

Contact the Reinstatement Coordinator for additional information.

APRN Requirements

RN and APRN reinstatement

 APRN only reinstatement

To reinstate only your RN license, click here for information on relinquishing your APRN.

Contact the APRN Program Coordinator for additional APRN information.