FAQ: Licensure by Examination

Q: When will my application be processed?
A: All applications will be processed within 7 to 14 business days of the date received at KBN.

Q: How do I know the status of my application with KBN?
From the Application Status page, you can see the date your application was received and a list of requirements needed to complete your application for licensure.

Q: When will I receive my Authorization to Test (ATT)?
A: Before an ATT will be issued by Pearson Vue, KBN must make you eligible to test.  Before you can be made eligible to test:

  • You must have registered with Pearson VUE (NCLEX). External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.
  • You must have completed KBN requirements for licensure by examination.
  • KBN must receive verification of completion of an approved program of nursing.

Q: When can I take the Jurisprudence (JP) Exam?
  You can take the exam anytime AFTER you submit an application for licensure to KBN.  From the Jurisprudence Exam link, you can find more detailed information on the JP exam and how to access it. 

Q: If I register with Pearson Vue using my full middle name and my picture identification (ID) only has my middle initial, will I be permitted to sit for NCLEX?
Yes, Pearson Vue will accept the picture ID as long as the middle initial is the same as the first letter of your middle name.

Q: If I have to retake NCLEX, do I have to pay both fees again?
A: Yes, you have to complete both applications again and pay both fees.  Your state and federal criminal background reports are good for six months from the date the report was run by either the Administrative Office of the Courts or the FBI.

Q: If I am unsuccessful on NCLEX, do I have to repeat the Jurisprudence Exam?
No.  The Jurisprudence Exam (JP Exam) does not have to be repeated.    ‚Äč