Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Authorized to Prescribe Controlled Substances


To prescribe controlled substances in Kentucky you must:

  1. Have been licensed /registered/certified as an APRN for at least one year.
  2. Enter into a CAPA-CS with a licensed physician.  Form may be obtained from:
     CAPA-NS & CAPA-CS Forms.
  3. Submit a Notification of a CAPA-CS form to KBN.
  4. Submit a copy of all DEA licenses currently held in all states
    1. Fax to: 502-429-3336
    2. Email to:
    3. Mail to:
      • Kentucky Board of Nursing
      • 312 Whittington Parkway
      • Suite 300
    4. Louisville, KY 40222

5. Have and maintain a Kentucky ALL Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER) account
6.  Notify KBN immediately of any Rescission of a CAPA-CS . Form may be completed by either the APRN or physician.
7.  Notify KBN immediately of any practice site address changes .  Use this form only when the physical address of the practice changes NOT when rescinding a current CAPA-CS agreement.


Additional APRN Collaborative Agreement Forms
  • "KRS 314.196(2) states that if the Kentucky Board of Nursing and the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure agree on a common CAPA-NS form, KBN shall require its use.  Both boards have agreed on the form.  It is available from this web site and shall be used by all APRNs who wish to enter into a CAPA-NS.   The law does not mandate a common CAPA-CS form.   An APRN and the collaborating physician may use any form as long as it meets the requirements of KRS 314.042(10).  A sample of a form that meets these requirements can be found on the web site of the Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives ("

NOTE: When submitting the Notification of a CAPA-CS form to KBN you must provide a copy of your DEA license when received.

Required Title for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

(1)  APRN is the legal, licensure title for all NPs, CNMs, CRNAs, and qualifying CNSs.  (KRS 314.042).  That title should always be used by any currently licensed APRN.  It should precede any certification title such as FNP or CRNA, if the person wants to use those titles. 

(2)  The academic degree (MSN, Ph.D., DNP, etc.​) may be used; it is not required.  If it is used, there is no law on where it is placed, i.e. before or after licensure title of APRN.  An individual who holds a doctoral degree should be aware of KRS 164.298(2) and KRS 311.375 which state that if a person uses the title Doctor or Dr., they must also use their doctoral credentials, i.e. DNP.

KBN Recognized APRN Certification Population Foci

Effective January 10, 2011, KBN recognizes the following population foci for APRN-NP and APRN-CNS designations:

  • Acute Care
  • Adult
  • Adult​ Psych Mental Health
  • Child/Adolescent Psych Mental Health
  • Family
  • Family Psych Mental Health
  • Gerontological
  • Medical/Surgery
  • Neonatal
  • Pediatric
  • Women's Health

Currently licensed Kentucky APRNs who fail to continually renew APRN licensure and national certification in community health, critical care, oncology and/or school population foci will be unable to reinstate APRN licensure in those foci.

Proof of certification and recertification may be mailed emailed or faxed to KBN at:

Mail to: 

Kentucky Board of Nursing
312 Whittington Parkway
Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40222

Fax to:502-429-3336

Email to:


See Also...

Form: KBN Notification of a CAPA-CS

Form: Rescission of a CAPA-CS

Information on APRN Prescriptive Authority for Nonscheduled Legend Drugs (CAPA-NS)

Information on APRN Prescriptive Authority for Controlled Substances (CAPA-CS)

Contact Us...

For questions or comments regarding licensure as an APRN, contact the APRN Licensure Coordinator at:
APRN Program Coordinator Contact Form.

For questions or comments regarding APRN practice, contact Myra Goldman, APRN/Nursing Practice Consultant, at 502-429-3309 or toll-free at 1-800-305-2042, ext. 3309​ or use the APRN Practice Contact Form.