APRN Portal/Update Instructions

Each APRN is required by law (KRS 314.042, 201 KAR 20:057) to provide evidence and documents to the Kentucky Board of Nursing to ensure current information is on file.

This portal is created for verification of data and for the upload of current and future documents or evidence of items detailed in 3b below.

The process is not fulfilled until all items are reviewed and/or uploaded and you have attested the displayed information is complete and correct.

APRNs whose data is currently listed as accurate and complete only need to click the checkbox and hit [Submit]

  1. Visit the URL https://kbnapps.ky.gov/kbnaudit/account/login to register for your account (If you are a returning APRN use the password you created)
    1. On the registration page enter your Kentucky APRN License Number, and click [Submit]
    2. Once registered retrieve your temporary password from the email address on file.
    3. On your first login attempt after initial account creation use the temporary password sent to you via email. You will be asked to create a new password for your account
    4. Once submitted you will be taken to a screen to verify the email address the temporary password was sent to
      1. If you cannot verify the partial email address visit the following link to update your email address with KBN and return to the register page and start again
        1. APRN with KY RN - Click Here to Update Email Address
        2. APRN with Compact RN - Click Here to Update Email Address

  1. To login click on https://kbnapps.ky.gov/kbnaudit/account/login using your APRN License number and password
  2. Click [Log In] to continue
  3. You are now logged into the system.
    1. If you have forgotten your password click [Reset Password] to have a temporary password emailed to you

  1. Select an APRN designation at the top of the page under (Audit Information) labeled (Designation) prior to continuing
    1. Be sure you are updating the correct certification under the correct designation
  2. There are 5 separate sections under (Audit Details) for record insertion that include a required corresponding image or PDF document upload
    1. Certification Details
      1. A wall certificate, wallet card, certification letter, email or certifying body online validation, etc.
    2. DEA Details
      1. DEA registration card and DEA-X registration card, including those from other states
        1. DEA Certificate
    3. CAPA-NS Details
      1. A current Notification of a CAPA-NS
      2. Or Notification to Discontinue the CAPA-NS after four years form
      3. A current RESCISSION of a Collaborative Agreement for the Prescriptive Authority for Non-Scheduled Legend Drugs (CAPA -NS) form
    4. CAPA-CS Details
      1. A current Notification of a CAPA-CS Form
      2. A current RESCISSION of a Collaborative Agreement for the Prescriptive Authority for Controlled Substances (CAPA -CS) form
    5. KASPER Details
      1. If you have a DEA registration you are required by law to register with KASPER to obtain a Master account. Provide a copy of your KASPER Verification Certificate
        1. To view a copy of your Verification Certificate, click KASPER Verification Certificate
          1. Choose [Account Maintenance]
          2. Click [Select] under View Details
          3. Click [KASPER Account Number and Verification Certificate]
          4. Click here to read Detailed PDF Instructions regarding how to get a copy of your KASPER Certificate
          5. Click here to read Detailed PDF Instructions regarding creating a new KASPER KOG Account​
  3. Each of the (Audit Details) sections include a single [Add/Update] button above each section type
    1. Use each [Add/Upload] button corresponding to the record and document you need to have on file with KBN.
    2. Each of the five (Audit Details) sections have various information that is editable, and/or {pre-filled/not editable} based on your APRN License Information.
      1. Un-editable or pre-filled fields have a gray background and a strikethrough cursor icon when hovering over them.
      2. Ensure any editable fields are filled in and the information is correct prior to proceeding
    3. Once all fields are filled in, use the [Add] button below the record fields to enable the [Upload Document] button
      1. You will see a message above the [Add] button confirming [Add] completed successfully

  1. Uploads must be less than 10mb in file size.
  2. After #3 use the now activated [Upload Document] button to upload the required corresponding document to conclude the addition of this single record type
  3. Click the [Upload Document] button to be presented with the ability to choose a document to upload by selecting the [Choose File] button
    1. Once a file is selected for upload, click [Upload Document]
      1. On successful upload you will see a listing below the [upload document] button showing the details of the successful upload.
    2. Now click the [Back to Main page] button to return to the (APRN Update) home page where you can add more records/documents under (Audit Details)

  1. Review all records inserted under (Audit Details) for all designations(s) to ensure each intended submissions are present then continue
    1. If submissions in #3 - #4 do not contain a corresponding document upload you will not find the item on the (APRN Update) home page under (Audit Information) and these submission will need to be resubmitted prior to continuing
  2. In the top right on the (APRN Update) home page under the heading (Submit) check the checkbox to affirm and then click [Submit]

  1. Review the (APRN Update) home page no earlier than March 15, 2020 to ensure all submissions are processed and have an On File status
  2. Return to the (APRN Update) home page and look under (Audit Details) for each record type. There is a “Status” column denoting the status of each submission
    1. The status types and definitions are as follows
      1. On File: approved by KBN to be on file and correct
      2. Upload Successful: pending KBN processing (approved or rejected)
      3. Rejected: rejected by KBN and must be resubmitted in whole
        1. If rejected, you will receive an email then use #3 - #4 to resubmit documents then [Submit] using #6

  1. KBN will not be able to answer any questions regarding the APRN Update Process prior to March 15, 2020.
  2. If rejected you will receive an email, use #3 - #4 to resubmit documents then [Submit] using #6
  3. Contact by email is preferred via the APRN Coordinator at KBN.APRNCred@KY.GOV or by phone 502.429.3329 regarding the APRN Update