Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) Dispensing Drug Samples

"‘Dispense' means to receive and distribute non-controlled legend drug samples from pharmaceutical manufacturers to patients at no charge to the patient or any other party." See KRS 314.011(17)

Get the​ PDF detailing the Legal Opinion on Dispensing by APRN or visit the Document Library.

APRN Dispensing Medications

Non-Scheduled Legend Drug Samples

APRNs may dispense legend drugs only in the form of individual pharmaceutically packaged legend drug samples, which are labeled as such and marked with lot numbers by the manufacturer or its agents.

APRNs may not purchase legend drugs in bulk repackage them in smaller quantities call them samples and dispense them to patients at no charge.

Controlled Substance Drug Samples

An APRN may not order, stock, or dispense controlled substances.

You may find additional information regarding APRN prescriptive authority for nonscheduled and controlled medications and access required forms for filing with KBN at the APRN Prescribing Controlled S​ubstances page.