APRN Collaborative Agreement Prescriptive Authority CAPA

​​APRN Prescriptive Authority Collaborative Prescriptive Agreements (CAPA)

APRN Prescriptive Authority

APRN are required to establish a collaborative agreement with a physician to prescribe.

  • KRS 314.011(8) defines APRN prescriptive authority. KRS 314.011 also provides specific information related to the prescribing of controlled substances
  • KRS 314.042 provides information specific to the CAPA
  • 201 KAR 20:057 provides information related to the CAPA and prescribing standards for controlled substances

Requirements for APRNs entering into a CAPA with a Physician

  • There is a common collaborative agreement for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Prescriptive Authority for Non-Scheduled (legend) Drugs (CAPA-NS) that is required for APRNs by statute. See KRS 314.042
  • The law does not mandate a common collaborative agreement for prescribing controlled substance (CAPA-CS) form.  An APRN and the collaborating physician may use any form as long as it meets the requirements of KRS 314.042(10)
  • You can find a sample of a form that meets these requirements on the website of the Kentucky Association of Nurse Practitioners

Required Forms to be submitted to the Board Relating to the CAPA

APRNs need to familiarize themselves with four required CAPA forms:

These forms can be found in the Document Library.

Rescission Forms must be provided to the KBN, if an APRN is discontinuing a CAPA-NS or CAPA-CS.

Controlled Substances

You can find more information regarding APRNs prescribing controlled substances and more required documentation at APRN Prescribing Controlled Substances.

Submit Documents on the Kentucky Board of Nursing Nurse portal

The required forms must be submitted by uploading them on the Kentucky Board of Nur​sing Nurse portal.

APRN Prescribing Controlled Substances

On the following page, you will learn about additional items related to prescribing of controlled substances APRN Prescribing Controlled Substances.