Personal Care Attendants (PCA)

​​​​​Personal Care Attendants

HB276 was passed during the 2021 Regular Session which allows PCAs that are on the PCA Registry to transition to the SRNA certification upon completion of the requirements outlined in HB276 which are incorporated into the Cabinet for Health and Family Services Memorandum issued on May 24, 2021. Representatives of the Kentucky Board of Nursing recently met with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS). The process is currently being reviewed by CHFS to ensure compliance with CMS/Medicaid regulations. Additional guidance will be issued in the near future regarding verification that the requirements have been satisfied and the process for a PCA to test. For additional information refer to the CHFS May 24, 2021 Memorandum.

On March 26, 2020 the Kentucky Office of Inspector General provided guidance to allow for long-term care facilities to train and hire Personal Care Attendants during the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Revised guidance was issued on April 14, 2020.  This temporary waiver permits a long-term care facility to employ a trained Personal Care Attendant (“PCA”) to perform defined resident care procedures that do not require the skill or training required for a State Registered Nurse Aide (“SRNA”) who has successfully completed the nurse aide training and competency evaluation program established by 907 KAR 1:450. Facilities who intend to hire Personal Care Attendants during the State of Emergency must ensure that the following requirements are satisfied:

  • A candidate for training must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. There are no minimum educational requirements;
  • A candidate must complete the training requirements outlined in the April 14, 2020 Office of Inspector General memo;
  • A candidate who completes training and is employed by a facility must:
    • ​Satisfy the same criminal background checks requirements as required for long-term care facility employees pursuant to KRS 216.788-216.793;
    • Submit to a check of the nurse aide abuse registry; and
    • Be registered through the Kentucky Board of Nursing.

Once the requirements outlined in the Kentucky Office of Inspector General memorandum are complete, the facility must send the completed spreadsheet with information regarding the Personal Care Attendants and the agenda that shows that all required areas/competencies outlined in the OIG Memorandum ​were trained on by the Personal Care Attendants to Julie.L​​​​The Personal Care Attendants spreadsheet is to be completed and should be emailed as an Excel file and not a pdf.  The Office of Insp​ector General memo provides information about PCAs .


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