Active Military

​​​​LPN, RN, APRN, and SANE licensure/credential renewal occurs between September 15 – October 31, 2023​​​. This page contains information specific to active military renewals and information for nurses who are active military and who are deployed overseas during the licensure renewal period.

​​KRS 36.450 and KRS 12.355 require KBN to renew the license, without the required renewal fee and continuing competency requirement, of an active duty military licensee who provides one of the following:

  • PCS orders
  • AF Form 899
  • DD 214
  • Mobilization orders​

Copies of the above may be submitted at​. Upon receipt of the required document, your license may be renewed through the next licensure period.

A renewal application must be submitted during the renewal period unless the nurse is active duty and deployed overseas. ​If The application contains a question where you will be able to indicate that you are active military.


Active duty military includes those nurses who are based stateside or deployed overseas. Not included in these groups are individuals working for the Federal government, such as civilian VA nurses, public health nurses employed by the federal government, or National Guard nurses who are not on full, active duty.​​

The waiving of the renewal fee and continuing competency requirement does not restrict the license from the KBN standpoint. It is still considered full licensure in Kentucky, however, you should be aware of any policies your branch of service has toward waived fees. During online renewal, an option is available for active duty military licensees who wish to voluntary pay a renewal fee, even though such payments are not required.​

If you are active duty military and will be deployed overseas during the renewal period, you have two options:​

  1. Submit a copy of the official overseas deployment orders showing a return date to KBN. Your license will be renewed to reflect an expiration date through the renewal period that corresponds with your deployment orders. You will not be required to pay the renewal fee, and you will be exempt from meeting the continuing competency requirement. You are not required to submit a fee, and you are exempt from meeting the continuing competency requirement.
  2. Do nothing until you are reassigned to the USA. You will have 90 days after your return to request the renewal of your license. You must submit a copy of the orders you receive for your reassignment to the United States. You will not be required to pay the renewal fee, and you will be exempt from meeting the continuing competency requirement.
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