Board-Appointed Committees & Councils

All meetings of the Board and its committees and councils are held in open session as required by the open meetings law. The meetings are held in the KBN office unless otherwise noted. The KBN President and Executive Director serve as ex-officio members.

The current Board-appointed committees are listed below. For information on each committee, click on the committee link that you are interested in or scroll down to access the information.

KBN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in the provision of services.  Reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request by contacting Erica Klimchak, Executive Assistant, at 502-429-3310.

APRN Council

Related organizations nominate representatives for membership on the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Council (APRN) as an advisory body to KBN. The council advises and recommends practice standards regarding the performance of acts relative to nurse anesthesia, nurse midwifery, nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist practice.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Council Members:

  • Mandi Walker, RN, Council Chair
  • Elizabeth Archer-Nanda, APRN, Adult PMHCNS, KNA
  • Lucinda Crager, APRN, FNP, KNA
  • Carol Darwin, APRN, AGNP-C, KANPNM
  • Misty Ellis, APRN, ACPNP, PCPNP, KNA
  • Kendra Faucett, DNP, APRN, CNM, KANPNM
  • Jennifer Wiseman, DNP, APRN, CRNA, KyANA
  • Chris Harlow, PharmD, BCGP KBP
  • Mary Nan S. Mallory, MD, MBA, KBML
  • Jessica Wilson, APRN
  • Staff Coordinator:  Myra Goldman, APRN

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Certified Professional Midwives Advisory Council (CPM)

Representatives from various provider groups are appointed by the KBN for membership on the  for membership on the Certified Professional Midwives Advisory Council (CPM) as an advisory body to KBN. The council advises and recommends educational requirements for certified professional midwives and practice standards in the performance of certified professional midwives services.

  ​Certified Professional Midwives Advisory Council (CPM) Members:

  • Robin Weiss, PhD, Council Chair
  • Jimmy Isenberg, RN, KBN Liaison
  • Elizabeth Regan, CPM
  • Meghan Nowland, CPM
  • Jennifer Fardink, CPM
  • Dolores Polito, APRN, CNM
  • Sara Ferguson, APRN, CNM
  • Jeffrey Goldberg, MD
  • Elizabeth Case, MD
  • Jonathan Cohen, MD
  • Robin Weiss, PhD (Public Member)
  • Staff Coordinator: Michelle Rudovich, JD
  • Staff Coordinator: Michelle Gary, Assistant


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Consumer Protection Committee

The purpose of the Consumer Protection Committee is to consider those matters related to the Investigation Branch and the Compliance Branch.

Click on a meeting date link below to view the agenda (as the agenda for a meeting becomes available, the meeting date link will be activated). Consumer Protection Committee meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted. 

Consumer Protection Committee Members:

  • Michele Dickens, PhD, RN, Committee Chair
  • Audria Denker, RN
  • Kristie Hilbert, RN
  • Christina Perkins, Citizen-at-Large
  • Dana Steffey, LPN
  • Staff Coordinator:  Tricia Smith, RN

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Dialysis Technician Advisory Council

The Dialysis Technician Advisory Council advises KBN regarding qualifications, standards for training, competency determination of dialysis technicians, and all other matters related to dialysis technicians.

Dialysis Technician Advisory Council Members:

  • Carl Vinson, LPN, Council Chair
  • Robyn Wilcher, RN
  • Aquiashala Ware, DT
  • Ashley Parrish, DT
  • Amy Simms, RN
  • Tyne Strickert, RN
  • Lyrissa Wash, DT
  • Staff Coordinator:  Myra Goldman, APRN

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Education Committee

The Education Committee considers those matters related to mandatory continuing competency and prelicensure and graduate level nursing education in the Commonwealth.

Education Committee Members:

  • Jimmy Isenberg, RN, Committee Chair
  • Michele Dickens, RN
  • Susan Lawson, LPN
  • Mandi Walker, RN
  • Jessica Wilson, APRN
  • Eric Lemberger, RN
  • Staff Coordinators:  Valerie Jones, RN and Myra Goldman, APRN

For Submission of Program Materials for Inclusion on Education Committee Meeting Agenda:

Materials for Committee review must be received no later than 4 weeks prior to meeting date. Please submit these materials electronically.  

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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing certain Board guidelines, Board member development, Board structure, and Board operations. It submits recommendations to KBN on these and related matters.

Click on the meeting date link below to view the agenda (as the agenda for a meeting becomes available, the meeting date link will be activated). Governance Committee meetings begin at 2:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted.   

Governance Panel Members:

  • Audria Denker, RN, Committee Chair
  • Michelle Dickens, RN
  • Jimmy Isenberg, RN
  • Dana Steffey, LPN
  • Staff Coordinator: Morgan Ransdell, JD, CPC

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Practice Committee

The Practice Committee considers those matters related to the interpretation of the legal scope of nursing practice as defined in the  Kentucky Nursing Laws and KBN administrative regulations. Committee deliberations may include review of other relevant statutes and regulations as necessary.

Click on a meeting date link below to view the agenda (as the agenda for a meeting becomes available, the meeting date link will be activated). Practice Committee meetings begin at 9 a.m. unless otherwise noted. 

Practice Committee Members:

  • Adam Ogle, RN, Committee Chair
  • Kristie Hilbert, RN
  • Susan Lawson, LPN
  • Jacob Higgins, RN
  • Carl Vinson, LPN
  • Jana Bailey, APRN
  • Staff Coordinator:  Kim Richmond, RN and Michelle Gary

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