Frequently Asked Questions – State Registered Nurse Aides

Q: What is a state registered nurse aide (SRNA)?

An SRNA is any person who, for compensation, provides nursing care or health-related services to residents or clients of an employer. A SRNA is not a licensed health care professional. Instead, the aide has completed an approved training and competency examination program and is listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry.

Q. What does a State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) number look like?

All nurse aides listed on the KNAR have an SRNA number that consists of eight (8) digits and begins with the number five (5).

Q. Is a CNA the same as a SRNA? Although nurse aides in Kentucky are often referred to as certified nurse aides, the correct title for a nurse aide listed on the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry is State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA).

Q. What is the Kentucky Board of Nursing’s role with the Kentucky Nurse Aide Registry? In July 1999, the Kentucky Board of Nursing began maintaining the registry’s database records.

Q: Do state registered nurse aides have to receive in-service education?

Yes. Each nursing facility is required by state regulation to provide a minimum of 12 hours of in-service education annually, per date of employment, for each SRNA employee. SRNAs should be accountable for tracking their 12 hours of in-service. However, it is the responsibility of the nursing facility to be in compliance with the regulation.