SANE Education and Practice

SANE Regulation, Training Requirements, Training Dates, and Online Resources for SANE CE Courses

201 KAR 20:411 provides requirements for the SANE Credential

To become a SANE in Kentucky, you may choose to complete training at any of the KBN approved SANE Training Programs.

In addition to KBN approved training programs, registered nurses may also choose to complete their education and/or training through one of the following pathways:

  • An out-of-state SANE Training Program offering didactic and clinical components;
  • A graduate degree program in forensic nursing, offering didactic and clinical components; or
  • A SANE training course through International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN).
    • This course provides 43 contact hours of didactic training but *no* clinical components are offered. Clinical components must be completed in addition to the IAFN training course.

Please note should an individual choose to attend any of the above pathways, he or she will be required to submit documents to confirm course comparability and complete additional Kentucky specific regulatory requirements. See 201 KAR 20:411(2)(6) for Kentucky Specific Regulatory Requirements.

​Below is a list of KBN approved SANE Training Programs dates.


The following list of online resources for SANE CE is provided as an informational service. KBN does not guarantee its accuracy, nor does KBN endorse the content of the SANE programs. Please check with the course provider for dates, times, cost, and board approval.