LPN and RN Licensure by Examination Educated in Puerto Rico

​​​Information regarding the process to obtain a license by examination

The process to apply for licensure by examination is the same for LPNs and RNs.

This page contains additional information for nurses who were educated in Puerto Rico after September 1, 2006.

Please review the below list of application requirements and additional information.

Credential Evaluation

Puerto Rico is not a member of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN); therefore, all education must be evaluated. If you were educated in Puerto Rico after September 1, 2006, you will need to apply for a Credential Evaluation using one of the following, approved Credential Evaluation companies. Once the evaluation has been completed, the report needs to be sent to the Kentucky Board of Nursing at KBN.Credentials@ky.gov or by mail to:

  • Kentucky Board of Nursing
  • ATTN: Examination
  • 312 Whittington Pkwy Suite 300
  • Louisville, KY 40222​​

Complete the application and submit the fee.

Pass the Jurisprudence Exam with a score of 80% or higher

Complete the state and federal criminal background check through IdentoGO®.

Apply for and pass the Pearson VUE NCLEX

  • Review the page regarding NCLEX, which contains information on the following topics:
    • How to register with Pearson VUE for the NCLEX exam, including the information you will need
    • The Authorization to Test (ATT) email
    • How to reschedule or cancel your NCLEX appointment
    • Accommodations for the NCLEX
    • What happens if you miss your appointment or forget to reschedule
  • For additional information regarding the NCLEX visit the NCSBN website
  • NCSBN does not recommend or endorse any review courses or study materials.​
  • Select this link for information on retaking the NCLEX

Reporting Criminal Convictions

If​ you have any criminal convictions, they will need to be reported on your application. The exception to this is traffic misdemeanors, other than DUIs. For information about what qualifies as a criminal conviction please review the ​Mandatory Reporting of Criminal Convictions​.​​​​​​

Graduates of Kentucky programs of nursing have met the following requirements. All others must earn:

Review the information regarding provisional licenses. If you are unsuccessful on the NCLEX, your exam application will be voided and you will have to reapply. In addition, your provisional license is invalidated upon unsuccessful completion of NCLEX. In this event, the provisional licensee must immediately cease practicing in a licensed nursing position. Kentucky does not issue license cards. You will receive an email notification when the provisional license or license has been issued.

Applications and documents are reviewed within 14 days. However, if you respond "Yes" to the disciplinary or conviction questions it can take up to three months to process your application.