Application Status

Determine the status of your LPN, RN, SANE, or APRN application

How to Determine the Status of Your Application

You can determine the status of your application at any time.

Use the above link to determine what additional documents need to be received and/or processed by the KBN before the following can be issued:

  • RN or LPN temporary permit
  • RN or LPN provisional license
  • APRN temporary authorization
  • License
    • Allow 7 to 14 business days for review of all documents received and for a license to be issued if all requirements have been met.
    • Please note that if your application status states “routed for review” you will need to allow up to three months for the review of the application and any documents received.
    • You must click on the search button. If you hit enter, you will get a message that says the page cannot be displayed.