Dialysis Technician (DT) Practice

DT Credential

  • Holds a DT credential issued by KBN;
  • Meets standards from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS);
  • Meets all applicable State requirements for education, training, credentialing, competency, standards of practice, certification, and licensure in the State in which he or she is employed as a dialysis technician; 
  • Has a high school diploma or equivalency;
  • Has completed a training program that is approved by the medical director and governing body, under the direction of a registered nurse, focused on the operation of kidney dialysis equipment and machines, providing direct patient care, and communication and interpersonal skills, including patient sensitivity training and care of difficult patients; and
  • Has obtained national certification.

For more information regarding the DT Credential, see 201 KAR 20:470.

To become a DT in Kentucky, you may choose to complete training at any of the KBN approved training programs. KBN approved DT (Dialysis Technician) training programs

In addition to KBN (Kentucky Board of Nursing) approved training programs, you may choose to attend an out-of-state DT training program offering didactic and clinical components.

Out-of-State Programs

Individuals who attend out-of-state programs are required to submit documents to confirm course comparability and complete the following additional Kentucky specific regulatory requirements pursuant. See 201 KAR 20:470.​

Kentucky law requires that all dialysis technicians obtain national certification in order to renew their DT Credential.

For information on the DT national certifying bodies, see the following pages:


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