Continuing Education Courses Accepted for Credit

​What types of courses are accepted for CE?

CE courses maybe offered in a number of venues and through different teaching methods, including in person, online, home study, etc.

The requirement is that the course be completed through an approved/accepted continuing education provider who awards contact hours for the offering. 

KBN accepts CE completed through KBN approved providers, approved to offer nursing CE by other state boards of nursing, and the national nursing organizations listed in 201 KAR 20:220.  KBN will accept the course for the number of contact hours listed on the completion certificate. 

Contact hours are calculated by totaling the number of minutes of engagement in learning and dividing by 50.

Academic Courses

College, University, or Postsecondary Vocational Institution courses may be used for CE requirements if:

  • The course is designated by a nursing course number, or it is an academic course applicable to the nurse's role;
  • It is a post-licensure academic course (i.e. ADN to BSN); and
  • The course is successfully completed with an awarded a grade of "C"; or higher, or "Pass" on a Pass/Fail grading system, during the earning period (November 1 to October 31).

Calculation of contact hours

  • One (1) semester credit hour is equal to fifteen (15) contact hours
  • One (1) quarter hour is equal to twelve (12) contact hours

What cannot be accepted as CE?

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR classes; and
  • Any activities completed as part of an employing agency's staff development program designed to provide information related to a work setting, such as on-the-job training; orientation; in-service education; and equipment demonstrations.  Even if you receive a completion certificate for the course, it will not count toward your continuing education requirements.
  • ACLS and PALS certificates and certification cards are not accepted for continuing education requirements. If an approved provider offers ACLS and PALS and awards contact hours on a completion certificate, they can be applied to CE requirements.

On the following page, you will learn more about Continuing Education Competency Requirements

Content Specific Requirements

In certain circumstances, completion of courses related to a particular subject are mandatory.  On the following page, you will learn more about content specific requirements.

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