Continuing Education/Competency Audit and CE Broker Account Access

​​​The Continuing Education Audit

What is the KBN Continuing Education Audit?

Every year the KBN selects nurses at random to provide proof of completion of continuing education competency requirements. KBN CE Audit notifications are sent via email from CE Broker in February each year.

If you were selected to undergo the CE Audit, follow the steps below to provide the necessary documentation that will demonstrate compliance with the CE requirements for the earning period. The earning period is the same as the renewal period, and runs from November 1 through October 31.

The deadline to report and upload documentation for the CE Audit changes annually.   The date of submission will be included in the CE Audit notice.

How do I Verify Continuing Education Competency for the CE Audit?

Provide documentation for the KBN CE Audit.

Review the CE Competency Requirements CE Brochure found in the Document Library
  • An option form for RNs and LPNs to verify continuing education competency is found in the document library.
  • A form listing APRN continuing education requirements and the necessary documents to verify compliance is available in the document library.
Gather the required certificates and documents.
  • Review documents to be sure they are complete.
  • Continuing education completion certificates must include:
    • Your name;
    • Date of completion;
    • Number of contact hours awarded;
    • The approved provider's information; and
    • Who approved the providership to offer nursing continuing e​ducation.
      • In the document library, you will find a list of KBN approved providers approved providers
      • KBN also accepts courses completed through providers approved by other state boards of nursing and the national nursing organ​izations listed in 201 KAR 20:220.
Accessing and Reporting in CE Broker
  • Create and access your Free Basic CE Broker account.  Information regarding CE Broker and activation of or access to an account is available at CE Broker.
    • Although CE Broker offers accounts with additional features for a fee, the only account necessary to report and upload proof of completion of CE requirements is the Free Basic account.
  • Report and upload all required documentation following the prompts in CE Broker and click submit.
  • Be Advised CE Broker does not review or verify all submissions for accuracy or compliance with relevant continuing education requirements. It is the responsibility of each licensee to upload and report CE information accurately, to comply with applicable CE requirements, and to maintain all CE records for a period of at least 5 years. During the CE Audit, KBN staff will review all submissions for nurses selected for the audit. Follow the prompts in CE Broker to report and upload each document once in the correct area.​

FAQs regarding CE Audit and Reporting

A. Nurses are selected randomly each year. The number of years an individual has been a nurse is not a factor.

A. Activate or access your CE Broker account. Then follow the prompts to report and provide all required documentation. Information regarding CE Broker and activation of or access to an account is available at CE Broker. ​

A. Nurses who did not complete their continuing education requirements or cannot provide proof of completion of continuing education, must complete the requirements and submit all required documentation to the KBN with a letter of explanation. If the individual fails to respond or does not complete the required hours, the matter will be referred to the KBN Investigations Branch.

A. The KBN is partnering with CE Broker, to be the official CE tracking system of nurses. You may activate a free Basic Account with CE Broker​ and report and upload completion certificate and additional documentation through your account. Nurses are required to complete their continuing education requirements each earning period and to maintain all records for at least 5 years.​

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