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Information is provided here regarding a variety of practice issues, including:

  • Complaints Against Nurses Process
  • Prevention of Transmission of HIV/HBV by Nurses
  • Responsibility and Accountability of Nurses in the Delegation of Nursing Acts to Unlicensed Persons

Scope of Practice Determination Guidelines

When the performance of a specific act is not definitively addressed in the Kentucky Nursing Laws or in an advisory opinion of the Board, the nurse must exercise professional judgment in determining whether the performance of the act is within the scope of practice for which the nurse is licensed.  KBN has developed the RN/LPN Scope of Practice Determination Guidelines [PDF Format - 89KB]  the APRN Scope of Practice Decision Making Model in order to assist nurses in determining whether a selected function is within a nurse’s scope of practice now or in the future.  The guidelines include a decision tree chart.

Nurses may delegate some nursing acts to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP).  There are often questions on the appropriateness of delegating a nursing act.  To assist nurses with deciding if an act should be delegated, the Kentucky Board of Nursing adopted a Decision Tree for Delegation to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel [PDF Format - 53KB].

Practice Brochure

Assuring Safe Nursing Care in Kentucky [PDF Format - 215KB]

LPN Scope of Practice in Kentucky Brochure [PDF Format - 824KB]​

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Prevention of Transmission of HIV & HBV by Nurses
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Delegation of Nursing Acts
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