Programs of Nursing Resources

Our goal is to make information and resources available to programs of nursing. Click on a link below to go directly to a specific topic.  

Certified List On-Line

The on-line certified list system can be accessed at: Home Page of the KBN On-Line Certified List.

To request on-line certified list authorization forms, click here.​​

Development Opportunities for Faculty

There are many development opportunities to assist nurse educators in developing the necessary skills to teach in complex educational and health care systems. Many of these development opportunities align education and practice and enhance leadership development for senior administrators.  In an effort to help strengthen our programs of nursing, we have compiled a list of websites where faculty and program administrators can determine what educational offerings are available to assist with their program needs.  Please note that this list is not all inclusive of offerings throughout the U.S., nor does the KBN advocate or recommend any one professional development opportunity over another.  We will continue to add weblinks as we learn about them.  We hope you find this compilation useful.

Weblinks devoted to Nursing Faculty Education opportunities:

Weblinks devoted to Faculty Education opportunities (not nursing specific):​


If you have questions, please contact Jessica Hill via the PON Contact form.

General Information

Criminal Convictions Information for Schools of Nursing

  • For information on how an individual's prior criminal convictions may affect their licensure as a nurse in Kentucky go to the link above. 

New Program Approval

  • Prelicensure Program of Nursing Application Process - Main or Multiple Campuses
    • Questions should be addressed to the Education Assistant, Jessica Hill, at (502) 429-7179 or via e-mail.

      For assistance with either APRN or DNP Programs, please contact the APRN/Education & Practice Consultant, Pam Hagan, at (502) 429-7181 or via e-mail.

  • Out-of-State APRN Students Requesting to Use Kentucky Clinical Sites

Regulations, Kentucky - Educational

Click here to go to Kentucky Administrative Regulations pertinent to education (Chapter 20).

Advanced Practice Programs

  • 201 KAR 20:056. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Licensure, Program Requirements, Recognition of a National Certifying Organization
  • 201 KAR 20:061. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree
  • 201 KAR 20:062. Standards for advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Programs of Nursing

Prelicensure Programs

  • 201 KAR 20:260. Organization and Administration Standards for Prelicensure Registered Nurse or Practical Nurse Programs of Nursing
  • 201 KAR 20:280. Standards for Developmental Status, Initial Status, and Approval of Prelicensure Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse Programs
  • 201 KAR 20:310. Faculty for Prelicensure Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse Programs
  • 201 KAR 20:320. Standards for Curriculum of Prelicensure Nursing Programs
  • 201 KAR 20:340. Students in Prelicensure Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse Programs
  • 201 KAR 20:350. Educational facilities and Resources for Prelicensure Registered Nurse and Practical Nurse Programs
  • 201 KAR 20:360. Continuing Approval and Periodic Evaluation of Prelicensure Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nursing Programs