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All State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) expiration dates have been change to reflect the last day of the month the registry status expires. 

If you are an enhanced or premium validation service member, you will receive a notification of nurse aide registry status changes for all SRNA’s listed on your data request form.



Validate current KNAR status for State Registered Nurse Aides (SRNAs).

  • Search by SRNA number, or
  • Search by name
    • If there is more than one individual with the same name and the correct individual cannot be determined, contact KNAR at 502-429-3347.
    • If the individual is not listed on the KNAR, you will receive the message "no data is found."


  • Enhanced and Premium systems of validation are available.  Click on the links for information on these systems. 


Mail or Fax Request

Information needed:

  • Name,
  • SSN, and
  • Name and address to whom the validation should be returned

Fax requests to 502-564-3942 (Frankfort exchange)

Validation will be mailed to the requestor within 2 weeks.


  • Up to two validations per facility will be given
  • NO FAXES will be sent when a validation is requested by telephone.


Last Updated 2/28/2014
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