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FAQ: Temporary Permit (TP)

Kentucky may issue a one-time only Temporary Permit (TP) to endorsement applicants when certain regulatory requirements are met.  A TP allows the applicant to practice nursing in Kentucky while awaiting a permanent Kentucky nursing license.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWho is eligible for a temporary permit (TP)?
A:  Applicants for licensure by endorsement who have been licensed by another state's board of nursing are eligible for a TP.

Q:  What are the requirements to receive a TP?
  A Temporary Permit will be issued when the following information is received:

  • A completed endorsement application and fee of $150.00. 
  • State Background Report (Effective September 1, 2013)
  • Federal Background Report
  • An official transcript with degree and graduation date posted, 
    when licensure is received in California, or otherwise when needed.
  • Complete the Kentucky Jurisprudence Exam

Q:  When does a TP expire?
  A TP is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.  It cannot be extended, and you may only be issued a TP one time.

Q:  How does a TP affect my ability to practice nursing?
  You may practice within the full scope and practice of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse with a TP.

Q:  When will I be issued a permanent license?
  Within 14 days of receipt of ALL the following, a license will be

  • A completed application and fee of $150.00
  • A completed fingerprint card and fee of $16.50
  • Evidence of earning 2 contact hours of HIV/AIDS.
  • Validation or original licensure from your state of original licensure or NurSys External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.
  • Criminal history report from the FBI.

Q:  What happens if my TP expires and I am not licensed by KBN?
  If your TP expires and you do not hold a Kentucky nursing license, you must reapply to Kentucky for a license, pay the application fee, and cease working as a nurse in Kentucky until all requirements are met and your permanent license is issued.

  • The TP CANNOT be extended, and you CANNOT be issued a second TP.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to assure that all requirements are met before your TP expires.

Q:  Can my employer validate that I have a TP?
  Primary source validation of a TP can be done by you or your employer from the KBN website at no cost. 

If you need additional information, click on the Endorsement Contact Form and submit your question(s).


Last Updated 7/26/2013
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